Divine FEminine Magic 
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 4/28 @ 7pm MST

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Focusing on Divine Feminine Energy has changed my life entirely.

learn: divine feminine & masculine energies and how they effect your journey.

You are open to spiritual and holistic healing for your mind, body, and soul. 

You believe that the power of connection,  divine purpose, like-minded energy, and passion for growth creates magic.

You want to be in tune with yourself and those around you in a way that leads to abundance on multiple levels. 

Your'e are open to expanding on themes related to energy and how your own personal energy effects the connections in your life.

You get excited about integrating tarot a source of insight, empowerment, and growth. 

You are ready for new energy, change, and long lasting spiritual growth.

This group is for you if...


What to expect

This is an online gathering to dive deeper, connect, and grow to the next level. We will be integrating the tarot for insight about the energies around you and how you can shift and make decisions that align with your higher self and your  soul's journey. 

1  hr group zoom event
Channeled group tarot reading to look at the overall energy.
Connect & learn along side people from all walks of life.
Become more  aware of your own masculine and feminine energy.
Get clearer about goals for your own life  &  start manifesting.
Raise your overall vibration and have fun.

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