We can spend so much time comparing ourselves and desiring "more" all the while not really understanding what "more" is actually aligned for our life. I found the difference between "more/better" and Divinely Aligned. It's a path that heals, clears, and manifests miracles over and over.

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When you unlock the power of your soul’s path, life show up for you better than you could have imagined.

Transformation is on the way!

I get it. The way forward can feel unclear.

Discovery calls are a great way to learn more about services  my approach to supporting you. I look forward to talking with you. 

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When you heal aspects of your experience that hold you back, you step into the alignment of your authentic self and true power to manifest.

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This is your private and safe space to heal, gain clarity, and expand in the areas that you need. Our sessions combine channeling, tarot, processing, strategy, restructuring, chakra assessment and more.

1:1 Mentoring

I utilize my training as a licensed psychotherapist and I integrate Shamanic healing practices to locate blockages, establish clarity, and re-integrate your healing. It's a  combination of channeling guidance from the spirit realm as well as energy work to rebalance mental, emotional, and physical challenges (Chakra balancing). I use the divination tool, the tarot, to illustrate, chart, and breakdown aspects of the roadmap. 

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Integrated energy work

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Long lasting change is all about integration. I have curated a series of handouts and video guides to assist you in the work outside of our live sessions. I'll pair you with the right interventions according to where you are on your journey.


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If you want to learn more you can leave me a note or schedule a call. Looking forward to talking with you.

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Whitnee Nicole

"Doing the work of your soul can feel like opening an ancient window that was never meant to be shut."

Whitnee Nicole

"Discover the gifts of your spirit, set it free, and let it go where it's needed."

Whitnee Nicole

"Heal generational wounds to alchemize the true power of your spirit. Manifest new legacy.

The archetype is being asked to acknowledge what's still standing despite the loss. But what about the emotional safety work required to shift beyond the low vibrational energy looming. The root chakra needs more...

5 of cups healing calibration 


Many associate the traditional meaning, with thievery and sneakery, and yet there's so much more to this archetype. its a story of lack and survival through unhealed wounding. This unhealed disassociation leads to low vibrational movements.

7 of swords healing calibration


Each card has a powerful story medicine that we can use to heal our lives and change our perspective. Each archetype lives within us. They are our grief, our power, our communication, our relationships, and our soul missions.

Tarot story medicine


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Healing with tarot