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Each session will get  you to that "ah ha" moment that shifts  your vibration upward. This shift  leads you to your next step on your healing path. A journey of the right steps will ultimately  lead you  to your inner sacred union. 




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After practicing Clinical Marriage and Family Therapy for years, I decided to translate all of my most important discoveries into an intuitive guidance practice for relationship seekers. Whether you are seeking individual  healing for yourself or attending as a couple for transformation, the energy work applies the same. We are navigating  the art of relationships though the understanding of masculine and feminine energy balancing. I am not talking about  types of traditional male and female roles. Oh no!  I'm referring to the  divine energies that we all possess and help us to stay balanced and healthy regardless of gender or sexuality. This has been the secret sauce of my relationship guidance success.

This method takes into account each person's unique energetic breakdown and how it effects  connections in all areas. I use clinical knowledge and intuitive guidance to help couples and individuals understand their energy as well as bringing it back into balance and oneness . In my practice we can go beyond the bounds of traditional clinical therapy since we aren't held up by insurance or a diagnoses components. It has allowed me to cultivate a sacred and safe space for learning, healing, and growing. We  dive deep and transform stuck energy into moveable and flowing energy. My passion is connection and my method is energy. It all comes back to that. 

my life's passion is to help your Inner divine guidance come to life

-Whitnee Nicole

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We go straight to the heart of the matter when it comes to your blocks and your gifts. It time for true transformation and renewal.

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A divine appointment with your current energy. We get spiritual insight to help you better align with your higher self.

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