It wasn't an all or nothing or even linear path for me. Like many, it started off learning the lessons (often on repeat) and piecing the clues and synchronicities together to understand the bigger picture. With the right mentors, timing, and a willingness to do the work, I got free, honest, and connected with my soul's purpose.

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Welcome in, I'm Whitnee

I know what it feels like to want to be seen, heard, and understood for who you truly are. I relate to the energy of wanting to find your way in a sea of powerful identities.

Im the sixth of seven sisters and no brothers.


well... It was actually Divine intervention. I was secretly asking God for more answers about my path and the trip was a part of the catalyst for greater change. And It worked!

I Solo traveled to Albania on a whim


Its still kind of surprising. We have plenty of trauma in ur lineage like so many families do. Turns out it was a soul path initiation to serve others. Not easy but so worth it.

My family became therapists and healers.


Three things about me!

the Shaman

There was a lot I had to deconstruct, heal, and re-empower in order to truly see and allow the power and divinity of God to work in my life. The hardest part for me was building a real intimate relationship with the spirit realm. I had to put in the work and take the steps to seek, listen, and live in a vibration where they could reach me and a connection could thrive.

This is my story...

The longer I resisted, the longer my path and purpose was delayed. Finally, going through the rites of initiation was one of the most profound experiences of my life. Shamanism was the rebirth that saved me. A divine appointment with God. The experience of, "I am seen, understood, and held unconditionally."  A force that changed the way I perceive energy in all things. It became a present force of co-creation. 

a Shaman

When I entered into the field over a decade ago, I knew I had a knack for understanding psychological and emotional processes in people. I didn't realize how developed my claircognizance and clairsentience already was or how integral it was alongside clinical intervention. For me,  It was important to release aspects of clinical dogma that felt like a box, in order to let in the full power and integration of spirit. 

The Psychotherapist

I was drawn to Tarot from the day I found it. It was a world of endless discovery and I knew that my journey with it would be different. I never resonated with seeking the future (not really). I had to find the permission and worthiness to let spirit use me to bring emotional healing through the archetypes. To unleash the depths of their stories without judgement but rather the depth or their humanity.

Tarot Healing...

The Holday
favorite coffee

Fun facts about me!

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